Pro Escort: lots of money, fun and little work - Escort service as a side job

If the money in the study is scarce, a side job must be. While the output of newspapers usually does not provide the money required, there are other offers for side jobs, which promise much more money. It is certainly not without reason that escort agencies are looking at the female student, whether someone is suitable for this job. Escort agencies know exactly how close the money is to many female students. Therefore they offer a lot of money for an apparently quite simple and pleasant work. But is this really the right side job for female students? In an interview, a student reports on her experiences in the escort area.

Good money as accompaniment - nothing more?

Female students are usually very young girls who often go naively through the world. If a job is offered to them, in which they only have to look pretty and have to eat with men, then they are usually willing to accept it. Nevertheless, even the most naive girl should be aware that no man pays so much money that the woman sits next to him and looks good. The student, who was interviewed, was not one of the naive girls. When she applied for the offered job as an Ibiza escort lady, she knew that it was not just about eating and going to the theater.

Topic Sex - in many agencies self-evident

The student says that most agencies assume that the ladies also offer erotic services. Many say this to their applicants right at the beginning. Others are always very clever and point out that it is at the discretion of the ladies whether they want to have sex with the customer or not. But this is only a fuss about the hot mash. The student also says that the men who book the ladies in most cases have also booked the sex. If an escort lady is not aware of this, then unpleasant scenes can occur.

Serious agencies always play with open cards, as it is also seen here. In the area of ​​questions and answers, it is clear at the outset that all women also offer erotic services. If you do not want that, you should be better in the jungle of escort services.

Sex with the customer - is not that prostitution?

This is certainly a point of view. The student says that it is not prostitution for her. She emphasizes that in this area you are not dealing with the usual men, who usually run around in brothels. The men were all well-heeled, bosses or executives in companies, and accordingly had good manners and knew what was right. Furthermore, she says that because of the fact that you as an escort lady needs many characteristics such as social manners and good general knowledge, the level is quite different than between the prostitute and the customer. In the course of the evening one also came nearer, and so the necessary sympathy developed. Here the student sees the great difference to prostitution. However, this is of course always a viewpoint.

If the money is right

Escort brings good money for little work, so the student. That they should or should have sex with the men, it does not look as a problem, quite the contrary, in most cases they had a lot of fun besides the good payment. However, she was immediately told that she must be ready for sex with the men. So you know exactly what awaits you, and who does not agree with it, should simply go again.

Conclusion: Escort is a good side job when you are ready for sex

With this sentence the student got exactly the point. It is more lucrative than waiters, and there is more time for study. Whether and in what framework one is willing to admit the requirements of escort agencies, everyone has to decide for himself.


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