Everybody understands that a few social networking web sites - Grindr, for instance, are entirely utilized for getting sex. Some other, like Tumblr are filled up with enough hard-core pornography to help to make x-videos fall over, yet they have various other interests happening. Anal sex, kitties and comic books on the same feed. Currently a separate category, including Facebook attempt to keep indecent material away from the feeds web pages by prohibiting certain images nevertheless are actually nonetheless deluged with filth via D.M and in the communities.

The problem with social networking sites for people in the sex industry is the civilians. Bella of 2nd Circle Escorts Madrid is a good looking woman. And the number of Direct Messages she gets each day from total strangers complimenting her on her profile photos and asking her to write back would be sad if it was not so predictable. But she is very business-like and ignores the worst offenders while politely acknowledging the others.

Certainly there are the professional socials media, the most famous of which is LinkedIn. Up till recently I was seriously associated with the employment industry and that is a main resource for headhunters as well as prospects associated with work hunting. By the way - indeed I used to be an employment headhunter. And when I couldn't accept the trashy complexion of the job as well as the weird reactions men and women gave me what I said I did anymore, I made a choice to make a large change in order to become associated with a product considerably cleaner and with a better reputation, so I began working with escort agencies.

Blog posts and images that Facebook would ban in a heartbeat now appear on LinkedIn. Adult performers and entertainers being very open about what they do. But looking at it, everyone involved in the adult industries are actually still being professional in their posts and profiles. They do not actively advertise for punters. Marie, for example, posts about the business challenges of running escort agencies, SEO and web marketing.

It was for a long time difficult to get a profile set up on LinkedIn. For a while you even had to produce an ID to minimise the number of didgy profiles in the site. The problem was all the recruitment consultants that were building several profiles with which they made contact with candidates discreetly. If LinkedIn did not like your profile, or could not verify your background, they would delete it. Imagine my surprise when I was chatting with the management of 2nd Circle Escorts Barcelona and heard that they have established huge networks of clients, international escort girls and various business contacts and suppliers through LinkedIn. It made me check it out again. And wow has it changed.

I do not know how the change with LinkedIn happened. Did LinkedIn just drop their standards? Did they realise that the adult industry is an industry like any other? Or was their growth stalled and they needed to show an increase in profile numbers for their investors? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see what happens now that the network has professional sex workers on board and is no longer simply the haunt of sleazy headhunters.


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