Travelling Meeting Escorts

The next three weeks were perfectly straightforward - as far as they can be when you are doing your best to keep someone safe from harm while travelling the world first class. Weirdly, that had actually almost become normal. But there you go. We had a couple of trips to the Far East and a few places in Europe. Three separate times to the States; New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I was used to time shifting but holy shit my body clock had no idea when was where. Lauren had a simple solution. Her jobs were as likely to take place at local breakfast time as local midnight. So she ignored the local time completely and just stayed on her own clock. She literally did not change the time on her very attractive man's Rolex Submariner watch. She just let her phone self adjust and used that for alarms and so on. She recommended I tried it and I found it worked amazingly well given the rigours of keeping up with her. Without that tip I would have been completely snookered in about three days.

One thing was very clear to me. The Mistress absolutely did not have sex with her clients. I had heard that was the case for high end dominatrices, but assumed it was just a story kept up for PR purposes. I was wrong. She had no aversion to her client (of whichever gender) having sex in her dungeons. They just could not have it with her. So often while we were travelling there would be meetings with the owners of escort agencies like Allys Angels in Ibiza, brothels, lap dancing clubs and so on so that she could hire prostitutes or performers for her clients.

Those meetings were as boring as you could imagine them to be. All business, simple and straightforward. Lauren obviously had no problem with the people who did offer “vanilla” sex. It just was not what she did for a business. One thing I was glad of – she had the good taste and courtesy not to embarrass me by asking my opinions in the meetings. Though she started to afterwards with increasing frequency.

One thin g stood out for me. No hookers or sex in the United States or with American clients wherever they might be. I asked her about it. And she made it clear that with the reach of the United States legal system being so vast, she always took care to remain on the right side of it, with no chance of even being perceived as being the wrong side of any line.  


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