Sex & Golf Go Together Like Golfers & Hookers

Some sports kind of automatically go together with sex. Others just do not. In my opinion anyway. And that is what matters here, because it is my blog! Rugby and sex. Definitely – all those thighs and shoulders and power, yum. Cricket and sex? Not really, though I suppose patience and eye hand coordination might help, but nah. Surfing and sex hell yes – have you seen surfer bodies? Bowling and sex – no. Just no. Skiing and sex – adrenaline, the wind in your hair and log fires – what do you think? Swimming and sex – see surfing above. Synchronised swimming and sex? Not unless you want the tidiest and most organised orgy ever. Ice hockey and sex? Violence and powerful legs – that works. Figure skating and sex? They would be afraid to mess their hair. Both genders. Golf and sex?
golf escort in crop top thigh high socks and black shoes sitting on green with putter in hand
She shouldn't be on the green in those shoes
Hmmm, that is a conundrum for me.

The challenge is that I run an escort business in Marbella. So while for me personally, golf and sex is not a real match – with the possible exception of a young Tiger Woods – for business I know that golf and sex is a powerful and lucrative combination that I am very grateful for. Marbella and the whole Costa Del Sol is golfing heaven. Literally dozens of world class courses at affordable prices, all very close to each other, three hundred days of sunshine every year and good hotels. Oh, and lots of good places to eat, drink and make merry after playing a couple of rounds. And where there are gangs of guys who have spent all day in the sunshine drinking and putting round things into holes, there are gangs of guys who want to spend all night putting round things into holes. Which is, obviously, where my business comes in.

Lusty men who have the money to indulge their passions and interests and are a long way from their marital leash are the bullseye of my target market. I could not define a better ideal client group for me. So while golf and sex do not fit together according to my personal taste, as a business woman the ideal and perfect match. So bring on the golfers, that is what I say!


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