I recently saw the film Molly's Game based on the true life story of Molly Bloom. I really enjoyed the film but I expected to. I love both Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba I think that they are fantastic actors. I also like he rapid fire writing style of Aaron Sorkin. I was a bit a devotee of The West Wing in its time. However the film prompted me to get and read the book. As I write this I am about 70 percent of the way through the book and I have to say I am enjoying immensely. It is also making me think as I can see a lot of lessons for the escort business that I run.

escort agency manager answering phone wearing red lace and chiffon nightgown

Obviously there are difference in the book and the firm. Telling any story in a couple of hours and keeping it exciting is the screen writers job but basically if you remove the dramatic effect and the things that I am taking away from the story for managing escort girls and my escort business are the same. So here are a jumble of my thoughts so far from both the book and the film.

I am sure its not a surprise that I run an escort business. And just like running a poker game, the Escort Agency business is right on the outer reaches of legality. Fortunately here in Spain prostitution is legal but it would be so easy to “fall foul” of the law. Like poker this business attracts the rich and the famous. And not just as clients, for example quite well known British TV stars have been known to work as high value escorts for agencies like mine.
The heady mix of celebrity money and sex can cause tension to run high at any time, but throw in the party scene and drugs then it is a melting pt for all sorts of stuff to happen. Let me say that one of the things that hit home for me in the movie and again in the book is that Molly consults with a lawyer to check out that what she is doing is legal. I too have checked out the legalities of my situation and the quote from the book and the movie “don't break the law when you are breaking the law” really rings true for me. For example none of my businesses supply drugs and I work very hard to make sure that they never will. But its naive of me to think that my clients and girls don't take drugs along to a party.


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