While I am “on the job” as a high class escort girl, I am the perfect girlfriend. More naughty and sexually willing and adventurous than most conventional girlfriends, perhaps. But also a lot less moody and temperamental too. Off duty I am pretty much always dressed in gym gear - well you have to take care of the product after all – or very casual clothes. It is pretty hard to miss me, being rather tall, with a full on Baywatch body – and its all mine. But on duty, I am always dressed exactly as you would imagine the girlfriend of a very rich man to be dressed. That might be the ubiquitous bandage dress and Louboutins – the Russians love a bit of body con fashion and glamour – or it might be shorts, Stan Smiths and a T shirt at a club in Ibiza.
Basically, my job is to read the situation and the client as quickly and accurately as possible. Of course, working with an escort agency helps, because they know the clients well. And if they do not, they are in a position to ask the client directly about their desires and expectations in terms of clothes, behavior and even sexual tastes. Which makes it a lot easier to make exactly the perfect first impression. A good escort agency makes life as an escort a lot easier and simpler. And that first impression in person is almost as powerful for an escort as is the first impression that you make in bed. But every woman knows that. For an escort, though, it is possibly even more important as the client is paying and you do not have the option of just parting as friends as easily.
Once we are in the bed room a client can expect me to be wearing the most glamorous, sexy and ideal lingerie. At all times, no matter when the urge might strike him! In my off duty time, it is all sports bras and plain pants, but for work the amount that I spend on La Perla, Agent Provocateur and all the others. And that is what the clients expect and I am happy to provide as it really makes me feel suitably sexy. And as to what I services I provide in the bed room or anywhere else, well at the moment I am happy for your imagination to run a little wild. Because mine does.


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