Being a top class escort is not easy. I have to keep the product (me) in good order and make sure it is fit for purpose (!). That means that I spend a lot of time in the gym and working on my body. I work on all aspects of my fitness, not just staying skinny as some women make the mistake of focusing on. Instead, I spend time on aerobic work, sure, but not just endless miles or hours on the treadmill. I also do a lot of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). But in addition I do lots of strength and resistance training with free weights, and a huge amount of flexibility and core strength work – yoga and pilates. I can never be sure where my legs will need to be, or how long I will need to stress my abdominal exercises!

I have to write advertisements for when I am working as an independent without the use of an escort agency. I find ways to advertise and promote my services. I work my social media like a demon and make sure that my followers are real and keep increasing. I find suppliers and collaborators to work with (escort agencies and girls that I work with when clients want more than one girl). I especially like working with really professional escort agencies such as 2nd Circle Madrid Escorts as they provide me with good work, keep me safe and secure by vetting the clients carefully, and get me the right kind of rates for my time. They also understand that I need time to take care of business and myself and do not pressure me to work when I have told them that I am not available.

I make sure that I have no bad debts. I keep my accounts. I have to deal with my accountant and pay my taxes. You know, I run a small business. And that is exactly how I treat it and myself – my work and my body are a business. They need investing in, developing and taking care of. Of course when I have time off, I take time off fully and relax completely. After all, I am working so hard so that I can at some point in the near future stop working.


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