Sex Is Great

Sex is one of the best things in life. Some people say that bad sex is better than good anything else. I am not sure that I would agree with that statement, but I do love sex. Sex of every kind is good for me. I think that I have done everything and seen everything sexual that you can imagine or think of. I know that when I am speaking with people who are not in the sex industry I always find it funny to hear how limited their sex lives and their sexual experience are. Compared to most people, I have done everything.

I have always been very open minded about sex. From a very early age I have been interested in sex. And I have also been sexually active from a young age. I did not actually lose m virginity until I was nearly eighteen, but I had been masturbating and having a lot of very intimate sex play with boy friends and girl friends since I was twelve. Fuengirola escorts have little to teach me! Basically I have always loved everything about sex. Giving, receiving, doing, being done to. I like plain sex and kinky sex. I like filthy, sweaty, quick sex and I like slow, cool, gentle sex.

If there is a type of sex that I do not really enjoy, I have yet to find it. I have tried everything, done everything and if I enjoyed it I have done it many more times. When I am not having sex, talking about sex or writing about sex, I am working in the sex business with my escort agencies. Having sex, thinking about sex, planning sex and making money from other people having sex. That is a good summary of my life. And I am happy with having so much sex in my life. And it is also a great way to make money and make a good life.

In my articles I only speak about consensual sex between adults. I hate people being forced to do things as much as anyone. And sex with children should be punished more aggressively than it currently is. So let us stick solely to talking about adult human beings who are choosing to have sex with other adult human beings. That interests me. The other things do not. That does not mean that the other things are not relevant or important. They are just not what I want to write about. So, I will stick to discussing consenting adults having enjoyable consensual sex. If that is what you want to read about, continue. If not, please leave.


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